by the evening primrose



finindie: sound  vocals, guitars, synths, harmonicas
michhy: vision  illustrations, graphics, photography, video

songs dedicated to our piece of youth


released November 14, 2007



all rights reserved
Track Name: summer panic
In his dream, he saw his fear
He draws a picture for it
He tries to catch it tonight
Say goodbye and cross it

Far from here, he can hear
Someone is singing heavenly
Won´t she come out tonight?
Welcome him with the summer wind
Woo…panic in the summer wind

He fell asleep, getting weak
Pencil is broken and picture bleeds
It´s not a race he has to win
Smiling with the passing wind…
Track Name: nastenka
Lean on your wall
I can´t knock the door
I lover you, bad
Don´t cry, Nastenka…this white night
Track Name: another yesterday
Sunset, we´re still on the way
Sunray, guides me all the day
Shout to all my friends
It´s your face, I recall
Sunset, the sound´s still far away
When´ll we get back our yesterday
Thank you, all my friendsIt´s been long days, I write about you
Golden light will rest on me anyway
Summer wave will tell you one day
My friend, I miss you friend
My friend
My favorite day´s always late, but sun still shines today
My friend you´ll be ok
I´ll be there and sing a song for you today
A song for you and yesterday
I will sing
A song for you and summer day
Downward, sun goes downward
Another yesterday, I lost
Track Name: unfortunate
Silver rain´s gone
I´m rambling alone
The tender light has faded
What I long for
Her caress is so warm
The night is so long
Slide in my soft breathe

No more I wish
A light is drawn on my pain
Beaming away…
So, how can I say?
Your unfortunate
Keep her pity away
I just beg her to stay
How can I open wide?
Let you strike on my mind
How bad is my strain?
Won´t you care its form?
Now I feel the light…
So, how can I say
Your unfortunate
How bad
Your unfortunate
Swap away, Swap away…
Track Name: losing voice
When I feel I´m alive
I wonder what should I do
When the dream wakes me at sunrise
I know I lose
Can I send the voice?
My losing voice
To enclose you
Can I wake the voice?
Singing out, I won´t lose
To you
I will prove
It´s over, today
I sing by the fireplace
When it´s so far away
You sink, give me a dark day…
Track Name: seagull
It is today
The saddest thing´s passed away
I stand on the seaside
Staring at the sky
I feel safe
No more hate
On my face, she flashes a glance

What a beautiful sound
Seagull will sing out
The sun will throw out
A thread of rainbow
The wind will come out
Come telling me now
Your love won´t fade
Can you tell me now?
Still you´re waiting
I´ll sing it out
Though you´re far away
Just for a day
I beg her to stay
To sing me a song
After you´ve gone
After rainfall
All things shine in twilight
With the endless tide

You steal my mind…
Track Name: stargazer
Your fingers get tired
For counting the star
Still I remember
That day you cried
Can I hold you, baby?
Seventeenth of July
And I will stay here

Till it falls from the sky
Your fingers get cold
And fall on my heart
Is it December?
I´ll give you my coat
Can I hold you, baby?
Before you fly away
And I will stay here

Till you lay down your smile
It enters my mind
When they fall from the sky
You enter my heart
Before we say goodbye…
Track Name: to nastenka
I met you by the river
Your tear made me stay
I sit down and wait
I hope you can say
A word, stranger
I´ll listen, anyway
Lean on your wall

I can´t knock the door
I love you, bad
Don´t cry, Nastenka…this white night